Trash Talk from the Queen of COVID

In a press conference on November 1, 2021, Dr. Bonnie Henry, said “If people in our health-care system are not recognizing the importance of [COVID] vaccination, then that’s probably not the right profession for them.”

Besides being disrespectful to people who have given selflessly to patients during their healthcare careers, Dr. Henry’s comment sidesteps simple cause and effect. Paramedics in BC worked 19 months of the COVID pandemic without the requirement for COVID vaccination. Remove unvaccinated paramedics from EMS in British Columbia, and you create this kind of reality:

An ambulance from Hazelton responding 290 km on winter roads to a 911 street call in Prince Rupert, as it was the closest ambulance.

The closest ambulance for a seizure call in Fort Babine being 3 hours away.

Duty car (first call) coverage in Terrace in April 2022 at 15 percent (one shift in six). Terrace station responds to approximately 5000 calls a year.

The question to ask Dr. Henry: Which is the greater harm, unvaccinated paramedics wearing full PPE responding to 911 calls in a timely fashion, or there being no staff available to crew an ambulance because of reductions in staff caused by the COVID vaccine mandate? If you “follow the science” on this one, you may be led to ask another question:

Dr. Henry, what happened to “First, do no harm”?